Notes: Blackcurrant Berries, Dewy Rose Petals, Fresh Lychee Fruits And A Gentle Touch Of Blackcurrant Green Leaves.

Fragrance Description: Overose Anthurium is a scented candle featuring dreamy notes of blackcurrant berries, rose petals, fresh lychee fruits and a gentle touch of blackcurrant green leaves.

Anthurium is infused with the mouthwatering tartness of ripe blackcurrant berries and is sweetened with fresh lychee fruit pulp. We added a splash of fragrant rose blossom water to highlight the floral fruity and sparkly aspects of the fragrance. The perfect scent for an instant floral refreshment.

"Once you're done burning Overose's Anthurium, a beautiful combination of black currant, rose petals, and lychee syrup, you can toss pens, hair clips, bundles of sage, and whatever else fits in this super cool rainbow-holo jar."