Scented Candle - 240 g

“Pretending I’m in Paris, the windows are open and the view is dreamy. Breakfast is served in bed on a tray: Fresh croissants, berries, marmalade, crème brulée and a small bouquet of roses. Life is good.”

Overose Euphoriasme melts the sweetness of a warm croissant coated with caramelized sugar and the tartness of ripe cranberries with a splash of rose blossom water.

Euphoriasme will bring to your house the delicious aroma of a Parisian bakery in the morning when croissants come out of the oven, cream puffs glisten in the window and colourful fresh bouquets are arranged on the marble countertop.

Key Notes

  • Croissant
  • Berries & Rose Macaron
  • Crème Brulée

Review Highlights

The candle of all candles!

This candle is the BEST smelling candle I’ve ever purchased in my life! I burn it daily in my bedroom, it’s simply perfect! It’s feminine and sweet, intense, and a bit floral in certain moments.

Best quality candle I own

Holy wow. This candle is amazing. The throw is I N T E N S E. I can smell the candle through its box from 3ft away. The cold throw smells like it’s already lit. The hot throw fills up the entirety of my house. It’s definitely the strongest candle I own.

One of the best from Overose

I LOVE Overose - completely obsessed - I wish life was like an Overose candle- it would be such a happy place! Apologies for waxing philosophical but it is unusual to find such an aesthetically beautiful candle that has an extravagant and luxurious ‘throw’.

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How to Use

To make sure your candle burns beautifully we recommend you to

- Let it burn long enough to melt the entire surface on top of the candle for two to three hours the first time you light it

- Burn the candle for two or three hours at a time. Burning the candle longer could lead to the jar heating up and could damaged the candle

- Re-centre the wick towards the middle once you blow the flame. Once the wax pool becomes liquid, the wick can move and fall into the wax

- Your candle should burn cleanly. Before each burn, trim the wick to ¼" long to avoid smoke and get a longer burn

- Do not burn the candle until the base when there is less then ¼" of wax left

- Ideally use a snuffer to put our your candle

- Never leave a burning candle unattended

- Never move your candle while burning

- Keep your candle out of reach of children and animals

- Keep your candle away from anything that could catch fire

We hope that you will enjoy your candle and that the fragrance will bring joy and happiness to you.


All Overose candles are formulated with essential oils and dreamy fragrances to burn cleanly with an excellent cold and hot throw and to be cruelty free, vegan and free of phthalates. Burn time up to 60h.

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