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The Secret Of Overose Fragrances : Dreamy Oils And Nurturing Raw Materials. The Better To Formulate New Sensations.

In Full Flower

Overose has found in petals a splendid medium for personal artistic expression. Over the years we gathered incredible precious oils and raw materials that we use every day to create and formulate our fragrances.

We would like to share with you some ingredient textures so you can know more about your favourite fragrances.

Overose Paris Fragrance and scented candles

The Textures of Nudesse

NUDESSE smells like roses and rain. The rose smells different than what is available on the commercial market. Nudesse is very balanced, slightly sweet, just a touch of green to render the true beauty of the flower after the rain. To create this olfactory experience we used a bio-based ingredient that was directly extracted from the flower so precisely that it smells just like pure liquid rose.

Overose Paris Fragrance and scented candles

The Textures of Gaiasilk

GAIASILK is infused with a generous dose of palo santo, also called gaiac wood. We chose an oil that was ethically harvested for its purity. The essence is extracted through a molecular distillation process to concentrate the cashmere-like softness aroma of the wood. Smelling the raw material is magical, it exudes a creamy softly woody aroma with a hint of hay and honey flower. We paired it with white chocolate to enhance the creaminess and unsweetened vanilla to infuse the fragrance with the rich comforting aroma of the beans.

Overose Paris Fragrance and scented candles

The Textures of Euphoriasme

EUPHORIASME was formulated like a pastry recipe and features an edible vanilla ingredient that is also used to flavor vanilla based delicacies. We chose it for its ability to evoke freshly baked croissant so naturally. We paired it with cranberries to balance the sweetness with the delicious tartness of the fruits. The fragrance just feel like pushing the door of a french bakery, being welcomed with the aroma of the fresh pastries baked in the morning.

Overose Paris Fragrance and scented candles

The Textures of Anamorphine

ANAMORPHINE is Overose specialty blend of Pink peonies, raspberries, rosewater and kaffir lemon leaves. The fragrance is effervescent and feels like fresh lemonade. To achieve this olfactory sensation, we formulated a fruity accord made of only natural ingredients to capture the juicy and sweetness of freshly ripe raspberries. The floral notes in the candle were created by the use of a favorite technology: the fractionation of essential oils to only select the richest floral notes. The result is a natural smelling peony with its beautiful rose water and a fruity lychee sensation.

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